Friday, May 8, 2009

XCode tip: don't use spaces in your project path

I'm not sure if this is documented somewhere, but the XCode debugger does not work properly if you have a space in your project path name. For example, I recently put my Radio Paradise project under Subversion control. When I was re-extracting the project to a work directory, I named the target folder "Radio Paradise".

Whenever I tried to debug my app, I would receive the following error:

warning: Unable to read symbols for ""/Users/Stormy/Development/iPhone/Projects/Radio Paradise/build/Debug-iphoneos"/" (file not found).

The path XCode was reporting seemed a bit odd with the double-quoted portion of the string. I discovered if I just renamed the "Radio Paradise" folder to "RadioParadise" and reopened my project, the debugger worked just fine.

Is this documented somewhere? It seems XCode should at least give a better error message than "file not found". Like maybe - "Spaces not allowed in the project path".

I logged a bug with Apple using their reporting tool, but based on the past three bugs I've reported, I don't expect much. Some of my bug reports are almost a year old and Apple has never even acknowledged or changed the status of any them.

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