Thursday, September 17, 2009

App review process is getting better!

Wow! I must say, after all my whining about Apple's iPhone app review process, I was pleasantly surprised today. I submitted an app update for Tunemark Radio after discovering a crash bug that could occur under poor network conditions. I had read in developer forums that it was possible to email Apple when you had a critical update and there was a chance for getting the update reviewed a bit quicker.

Well, I submitted a crash fix update on Tuesday night and emailed Apple informing them of the update on Wednesday morning. This evening (one day later!) I received notification that my update has been approved. Total time in the queue was less than 2 days. Thank you Apple!

It seems this review process is improving.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Stormy's Tunemark Radio is now available

Stormy's Tunemark Radio is now available as a free download on iTunes.

This was originally mentioned in earlier blog entries as "Stormy's Radio Thing", however a friend made the suggestion I rename the app "Tunemark Radio" based on the feature it has of allowing tunemarking (i.e. bookmarking or tagging) tune names for later reference or lookup on iTunes, emailing to friends, etc.

This is designed as a FREE multipurpose radio tuner app and will always be free of banner ads.

Features include:

  • Support for mp3, AAC, AAC+ v1

  • Add custom URLs - pls, m3u, and direct link

  • Browse the complete free SHOUTcast™ directory

  • Search SHOUTcast™ via keywords

  • Tunemark songs - search on iTunes, email song info, or save to a list for later reference

  • SHOUTcast™ stations can be 'favorited' for faster reference

  • Alarm clock - wake up to your favorite station

  • Multiple skins - choose from 4 different backgrounds

If you have any suggestions for future features, please let me know.

You can download the app on iTunes today here.

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