Thursday, May 21, 2009

Artificial Life 1.4 now available

As the subject line reads, Artificial Life 1.4 is now available in the iTunes store! This update is mainly "cosmetic" - no significant changes were made to the behavior of the life forms. However, the app grew in size by about 16 meg! I've added sound effects and 16 minutes of ambient music. Sound effects and music can be toggled on of off per user preference, so if you prefer silent protozoa, that's your choice.

Special thanks to R. Scott Lachance for granting me a license to use his ambient down tempo jazz tracks in the app! The app only includes excerpts of his music that best fit within the context of the app - full length individual tracks from his CD are not present. Check out his music on iTunes if you like what you hear in the the app. It's listed under the artist name DigiTube.

The next update (1.5) is currently under development and will include some other feature suggestions I've received as feedback. Thanks for sending in your ideas!


Reece said...

Hey guys,

Love the app, watch it to see how they interact etc etc so great job. iPhone dev myself and very impressed at the background behind the app.

Can I offer one suggestion?

Adding the ability to introduce protazoa to the system would make it a lot more user-interactive and prolong the lifespan of the game.

Otherwise would love to know what exactly is in the works for the app on the blog and look forward to the updates!

Mostly Torn said...

Hi Reece,

Thanks for the kind comments.

The main new feature in the 1.5 update will be the ability to create your own custom protozoa. That's definitely a feature I've been wanting to add for a while and since it's also the most requested feature, it will be in the next update. It's probably a fews weeks away from being finished.

Reece said...

Fantastic to hear :)

Brainstorming again... is there any chance of being able to limit the dimensions of the world?

I've noticed that lots of packs of protozoa end up clustering in an area far away from the sun and just interbreed like pests until you max out your pop and your device lags to infinity.

If we could limit the dimensions, then we would be able to have a greater diversity within populations, a greater gene pool that becomes more interesting to watch than just:

If Sun < 60 units away
Then avoid Sun

If Desire > 0.1%
Then find a mate.

Then it just becomes a useless explosion of boring protazoa... hopefully you get what I'm trying to say. Closer interaction between species = more natural selection and a potential for more than just rapid multiplying of pests.

Just a thought :)

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