Thursday, May 7, 2009

DevDiary: Artificial Life 1.4 in development

I'm making progress with the newest updates to Artificial Life. I now have working sound effects along with a few other tweaks to the app. Below is a video demo of how the sound effects will be used. I'm trying to make them somewhat "pleasant" and tried to select sounds that complimented each other. I'm no musician, so if you think it's terrible, let me know. These aren't necessarily the final sounds I'll use, but they work well for a proof of concept.

The sound effects are produced using my modified SoundEngine code I mention earlier. The code is freely available if you want to use it in your own app.

Along with sound effects, this update will hopefully include some professionally composed ambiant jazz tracks. I'm still working out the details with the artist to use his music, but if all goes well, it will be available. I'm trying to make the sound effects such that they'll blend with the music.

And, if you like your Artificial Life to be quiet, that will remain an option. Each of the sound triggers can be toggled on or off (along with the music tracks), so, for example, if you only want the sound of creatures burning up in the sun, that's your choice.

Artificial Life 1.4 audio demo from Brian Stormont on Vimeo.

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