Monday, June 29, 2009

Piggy - the iPhone app

In the pursuit of mindless silliness on the iPhone, Stormy Productions presents Piggy, a new iPhone app.
You can buy it on iTunes here for $0.99.

And what is Piggy? It's an interactive pig alarm. Isn't that a helpful description? No? Well, let me be a bit clearer. It's a 3D cell-shaded pig that displays a range of animations and produces a series of pig-like sounds on command. Poke the pig in different spots to produce the desired effect.

And, if that weren't enough (you mean you want more than an interactive pig noise maker app?) you can also use the pig as a timer or alarm. Choose the sound effect you'd like, set the timer, and... wait. You can watch the digits count down from the time of your choosing. Have trouble with numbers? You can learn how to count backwards by watching this app! While that's not the most useful or creative way to use the Piggy timer, how you choose to use it is totally up to you.

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