Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Tunemark Radio 2.0 now available!

Tunemark Radio 2.0 is now available on iTunes for 99 cents. This latest updated adds a few new features:

1) Album artwork and artist information is now available via last.fm. If last.fm has any information about the current playing song, a “last.fm” button will appear allowing you to view the content provided by last.fm. Also the album artwork (if available) will automatically be displayed on the “Now Playing” screen.


If you prefer to only have your own custom background image displayed, don’t worry. There is an option in the settings to disable album artwork.

2) The switching of stations should be noticeably faster. I discovered I had a minor inefficiency in the transition which caused a noticeable lag when starting playback of a new station.

3) If you are a Japanese user of the app and were disappointed that you lost all the “cool” English text when I recently added Japanese language support, I listened to your complaints. Via the settings, you now have an option to force the app to use English only. Please note, this will require that you either force-quit the app or reboot your device after choosing this setting.


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