Thursday, April 22, 2010

Tunemark Radio 1.8, now available

Tunemark Radio is now available for both iPhone and iPad on iTunes. There’s still just one app to download but it is now optimized for iPhone and also the larger iPad screen.

This app is designed to be a FREE alternative for playing Internet radio stations, without the annoying ad banners. If you have any suggestions for improvements to this app, please contact Stormy Productions and pass along your thoughts. You can read a full description of the app here.

This latest version significantly improves the “Buy on iTunes” feature. When you now choose that option, you will be presented with a list of matching songs currently available on iTunes. This way, you can verify the song you want to buy is going to be available before you launch iTunes and exit the app. There’s no sense stopping the music and launching iTunes only to be disappointed to find the song isn’t for sale there.

PLEASE NOTE: this most recent version of Tunemark Radio was required by Apple to remove the feature for playing 128K and higher bitrate streams over the 3G and Edge networks. This was not something we wanted to do, but Apple would not approve this update without the bandwidth limit for cellular usage. I’m sure many of you will be disappointed by this change, but please understand it was a requirement from Apple. We will continue to investigate whether Apple may allow this feature again some time in the future, and if the policy is changed, we will update the app accordingly.

Thanks for all the comments, suggestions, and even the complaints. All the feedback is helpful to continuously improve this app.


Anonymous said...

If Apple has allowed Slingbox to stream video over 3G and Skype over the cell networks, why this limitation?

Disabling the high-quality audio is a terrible step backwards making the app unusable. This is not an update but a downgrade.

I hope you will fight Apple on this decision as it is just a bad idea.

I will NOT be getting this update and keep my old version.

Mostly Torn said...

For streaming video over cellular, Apple documentation explicitly says it must be limited to to a 64K bitrate. So, Slingbox would be limited to that. Slingbox was originally not even allowed to be used over cellular so cellular traffic usage is something Apple s very sensitive about.

As for Skype, it is streaming telephone quality voice which can easily be done at a bitrate under 64K.

Believe me, I am not at all happy to be forced to make this change to app. If Apple revises their policy in the future I will immediately change the app.

Guspaz said...

The official Shoutcast app plays streams over 128Kbps over 3G, although it hasn't been updated in ages. It seems an unfortunate double-standard is at play here.

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