Friday, April 2, 2010

5 new iPhone radio app released

Stormy Productions has recently produced 5 new radio station apps for broadcaster Local Media of America in San Diego, CA. Apps were created for 5 of their stations: 91X, 105.7 The Walrus, Z90.3, Magic 92.5, and XX 1090. All apps are available for free on iTunes now.

Screenshot2010.03.1817.41.59.YGlkvjc5Ufgs.jpg Screenshot2010.03.1817.42.29.GfC8jVQjoVuf.jpg Screenshot2010.03.1817.42.48.ahtr5Z0RKdN2.jpg Screenshot2010.03.1817.43.48.vx8GXxGQoNv6.jpg Screenshot2010.03.1817.44.44.ja54Oyahsr28.jpg

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