Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Stormy's RadioKit SDK licensing

I am happy to announce there is now a fairly low-cost method available for other developers to license our iPhone radio steaming technology for their own apps. At just $100 per app project, you can include the same radio streaming technology that is powering the Radio Paradise and Tunemark Radio apps (as well as scores of other radio apps).

This RadioKit SDK includes full support for time-shifting a live stream, allowing pause, rewind, and fast forward back to the live stream. It also includes our robust dropped connection handling which can seamlessly restitch together the old buffer with the new stream, which often eliminates any interruption in listening even though the data connection had been completely dropped.

Aren't sure if the SDK is worth $100? You can test it in an XCode demo project with no financial obligations. When installed on a device (iPhone or iPod Touch), the audio streaming portion of the demo will only function for 10 minutes at a time, however you can test the SDK without any time limits using the simulator.

The SDK is licensed on a per-app project basis, meaning you must purchase a license key tied to each unique iPhone app bundle ID. Volume discounts for license keys are available for those who may be interested in using this SDK in a large number of projects.

You can read more about Stormy's RadioKit SDK at http://www.stormyprods.com/products/radiokit.php

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