Thursday, January 7, 2010

Tunemark Radio 1.2 now available on iTunes

In what was the fastest approval for any of my iPhone app submissions (just 22 hours!) the Tunemark Radio 1.2 update is now available on iTunes.

Tunemark Radio is a FREE radio player supporting the full directory of SHOUTcast radio stations (over 30,000 of ‘em!) as well as providing support for listening to custom URLs via a pls, m3u or direct audio stream.

Unlike many other free apps, this app is also free of any banner ads.

The latest update includes support for selecting the initial pre-buffering time so you can have better control over how well the app performs in different wireless situations. If you know you have a good connection, shorten the pre-buffering so you can hear the music begin playing sooner. If you are in an area with only Edge data speeds, it might be helpful to increase the pre-buffering to 20 or 30 seconds to reduce the chance of any interruption in your listening experience.

In addition to the pre-buffering change, there is now a button on the “Now Playing” screen to allow you to view the web page for the station that is currently playing. This web page address is based on what the station advertises in their audio stream, so it may not always link to the stations home page. In some cases it will link to the station of the audio stream service-provider, or it might link to a SHOUTcast status page, but in the majority of cases, stations do provide a link to their home page.

There are a few other minor changes - the station name will now scroll like a marquee is the name is too long for the title bar area, while performing pre-buffering a small status message will display how many seconds of pre-buffering are needed before playback starts, and there are also a few bug fixes.

I hope you enjoy the app, and as always, feedback is encouraged. If there’s a new feature you’d like to see in the app, send along an email. I can’t promise it will be in the next update, but I do take every suggestion seriously and try to add what I can based on my available development time. You can reach Stormy Productions via the “Contact Us” link on the navigation bar at or via the “Send Feedback” button on the “About” page within the Tunemark Radio app itself.


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