Friday, July 17, 2009

Upcoming new iPhone app - Stormy's Radio Thing

I have a new FREE iPhone radio app in the works, called Stormy's Radio Thing. I might change the name - it is kind of (intentionally) goofy.

It is a general-purpose radio player - allowing playing of custom stream URLs as well as have complete access to the Shoutcast directory.

Here are the features it currently has:

* MP3, AAC, and HE AAC v1 support
* Custom URL support for adding streams
* Support for m3u, and pls files
* Access to Shoutcast directory, browse genres and direct search
* Support for marking stations as favorites to add to a list of easily accessible "presets"
* Support for pause, rewind, fast-forward timeshifting of the audio
* iTunes tagging
* Alarm clock - wake up with the music from your favorite online radio station
* NO banner ads - ever. This is a FREE app and will always be free of ads.

Are there any other features you might like to see in a general purpose radio tuner app? If you have any feature suggestions, feel free to leave a comment.

There are some things that will not be doable, such as support for HE AAC v2. It requires patent licensing fees, which is not feasible for a free app. If Apple at some point adds support for HE AAC v2 to the iPhone SDK, then I can piggy-back on that, but otherwise it's not going to be possible.

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