Sunday, September 7, 2008

Possible first iPhone app

A friend of mine works for a local web design company. This past Friday (3 days ago) he asked whether I might be able to make an iPhone app to complement a client's new web site. The client is a radio station, so he wanted an app which would be able to play the radio station's Shoutcast stream. I had a bit of free time this weekend and was able to spend a large chunk of time on it.

Today I'm happy to say I have now written an iPhone app that supports streaming media over WiFi, Edge, and 3G. It still need s a bit of polish - mainly to handle a few random error conditions (related to the unreliability of AudioFileStreamParseBytes() to properly parse the mp3 frame headers) - but the bulk of the work is done.

The biggest struggle was wading through Apple's documentation on Audio File Streams, Network Streams, and the like. The documentation is fine as a reference guide for specific function definitions, but it's really very very weak on examples. And that's the challenging part - tying it all together - so examples would have made it a much easier task.

Hopefully the app will be sent to the iTunes Store for approval within the week. At least, I hope there won't be any technical reasons it shouldn't be. I don't yet know about any bureaucratic ones, though. Maybe there might be some non technical hold-ups related to client approval and what-not.

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